This is my current work in progress, Grounded. It is a very short film which will be approximately 50 seconds long. The animation will be done in Maya and the modelling will be done in both Blender and Maya (the majority in Blender).


The 6th shot, in which the dragon fires a fireball at the hapless butterfly:
Download in quicktime format, 700 KB

A preview of the 3rd shot, in which the dragon makes his first attempt at flight:
Download in quicktime format, 1.7 MB

Character and Scenery Models

The main character of the story, a baby dragon:

The dragon is now rigged!

The Co-star, a butterfly (modelled in Maya, hairs added in Blender with Fiber:

The dragon and the butterfly: together for the first time.

A background prop, the rare Dragonflower:

The beginnings of the dragon's nest. This is where all the action will take place:

Some more scenery: A test render in Maya of Dragon Mountain

Copyright 2005 Jason Pierce