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The hero of the story, Octofrog. Octofrog is the result of one of the Mad Scientist's experiments. Octofrog lives to please his master and yearns for his attention.
The Mad Scientist's work in progress, Little Steamer. Unlike Octofrog, Steamer is part organic and part machine. He depends on a steam-powered electric generator to provide power to pump his heart. Little Steamer is clumsy and a bit mischievous. The Mad Scientist has yet to bring him to life for the first time.
The Mad Scientist lives a solitary life on his airship, the Stargazer with his pets/experiments Octofrog and Steamer. He prefers his airborne laboratory where he can conduct his misunderstood experiments without noisy meddlers.
While not a character, the airship Stargazer is still an important part of Alchemy. It serves as a home, a laboratory, and an observatory for the Mad Scientist and his mutated companions.

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