Alchemy Production Log Archive - September

sept.23 - Steamer is being prepared for animation:

A new character is born! The Mad Scientist:

sept.22 - Steamer's textures are done. I began building his rig today. Steamer's rigging will be much simpler than Octofrog's.

Began working on Octofrog's facial features. Here is a test animation:
Blink Test (DivX AVI, 140KB)
sept.21 - Octofrog's rig is complete

sept.20 - Big texturing update for Steamer! This little guy is almost done. Next on the to-do list is the steam engine.

Also, today I made some books. I think they turned out quite nice.

sept.19 - Texturing continues on Steamer. I ditched the ugly image mapped stitches and modeled them instead.

sept.14 - Texture work has begun on Steamer. Also today I started rigging Octo, but nothing interesting to show on that front just yet (but hopefully some animation tests soon!).

sept.13 - Octofrog has feet. He is also now unwrapped and ready for texturing.

sept.12 - Airship update:

Some glassware for the mad scientist's laboratory. Took this opportunity to see how depth of field would look in the laboratory renderings... I think it will look quite nice.

sept.9 - Work continues on Steamer.

Began modeling second character: Octofrog.

sept.7 - Started modeling the first of three main characters. Introducing Steamer!

Just an ordinary jar of eyes. Nothin' special.

sept.1 - Roughly 5 more hours of modeling + texturing put into the airship. In addition, storyboards completed.

aug.31 - Began work on airship yesterday. Here it is after about 8 hours of modeling.

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